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So why Ojas you ask?  Well let us tell you more.  Ojas is the subtle essence in the body responsible for your health, vitality, strength, longevity, immunity and overall sense of well-being. Ojas is a sanskrit term meaning "vigor" Ojas is a pure substance said to be accumulated from properly digested, prana-rich and nourishing food.  When you nourish your body effectively your Ojas will be elevated.

Signs of elevated Ojas include abundant energy, glowing complexion, bright eyes, physical strength, easy and regular digestion, clear and balance mind.  You will feel light and energized and rarely sick.

Signs of depleted Ojas include feeling weak, tired, anxious, depressed, and lacking focus.  Digestion will be slow and irregular and you may feel heavy and fatigued.  Your skin and eyes may be dull and your tongue might show signs of discoloration.  (white, red or yellow)  

Our goal is to improve your overall health and well-being  with nutrious prana rich meals!

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