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Pamper Yourself! Step Two

Now to exfoliate!

So simple right? The Pectin and flavonoids in tomatoes have both cleansing and antioxidant ingredients that can improve your skin texture by removing dead skin cells. Also, because tomatoes are a good source of potassium, when you apply it directly to your skin it may also help to resolve dry skin issues. Some studies also suggest that the lycopene-rich tomato may also contribute to lifelong protection against harm ultraviolet radiation.

Warning: In case of allergic reactions such as skin rash, redness and itching, it is a good idea to test the tomato on a small area of skin. The inside of your wrist might be a good place or on your neck. Wait a few minutes and remove, that should give you a good indication of what you might expect when you fully apply it to your face. If you have a known tomato allergy, you should skip this step of the pamper party.

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