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Ojas and I has been a journey of learning and adapting to a create nourishing and satisfying meals. We initially started off with cooking classes and a blog.  I was also busy converting recipes and creating fun treats and delicious meals for clients.  Eventually, we had to focus on a single path forward.  Today, we are preparing meals that are health promoting and delicious.  Even if you have no restrictions, the meals we prepare are meant to provide you with the freshest, cleanest and most nutritious options possible. But if you do have restrictions, most are accommodated or can easily be adapted.  Recipe adaptation can be tricky but it has been fun to experiment and explore possibilities.  Delicious results are always so rewarding!

This business was sparked by many conversations with people who have auto-immune conditions, digestive issues, chronic illness or pain, or any health condition that could be improved by a change in diet.  Our diet may not be the first place we look to improve our health but we think it should be.

The way we feed ourselves is influenced by so many factors.  Some meals are traditional recipes handed down through generations. We have deep sentimental attachments.  These meals are specific to the culture and country our ancestors originated from and we have memories of sharing these meals with loved ones.  Some meals find their way into a weekly rotation because they are quick and easy to prepare when we are on a tight schedule.  Other meals satisfy cravings for certain tastes most often sweet or salty.  And unfortunately rising food costs often restrict access to the healthiest options.


When health issues force us to make changes it can be so difficult to wrap our heads around the details. Creating a new meal plan,  the anxiety of working it into our budget,  accommodating family members that may not want to make changes or simply breaking old habits and releasing attachments can be overwhelming.

We know that only you can make that happen but we are here to help by preparing meal options that meet your needs, sharing some recipes or suggesting meal prep solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget.  

Our goal is to elevate your ojas one meal at a time!


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Tonight was my first experience taking an online cooking class and the experience has me wanting to go back for seconds!  The Ojas & I team not only paced the class for cooks, but added flavor with information, kitchen hacks and little quizzes throughout the demonstration.  The end result was a tasty meal that was quick, easy and palpable.  Everyone will be "Tacoing Bout It"!

Lorrie - High River, AB

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